Monday, January 12, 2004

Tried to get a better internet connection than the one I have, went to DijlaNet. Up six floors on foot only to be told that I have to pay a $2000 setup fee and $400 a month for a 46k/46k connection. right.
I think the dial up thing I have now is just super fine, don't you think so?
The only good thing about getting up that high is having a chance to get a picture of the baghdad skyline from Mansour. Yes I know the picture quality is bad, will start using a better camera.
click small to see big

That monster of a mosque on the right is the unfinished Rahman mosque, one of two gigantic mosques saddam intended to build, I kind of think it will stay in this state for quite a long time because it will need huge amounts of money to finish it. I would have had other ideas about that piece of land in that area, but let's not discuss that since it is a mosque now. it looks like a gigantic space ship. The needle like thing in the middle is the "saddam" tower beside the Mamoun telephone exchange, now a wreck. The dome on the left is the Salam Presidential Palace, also a wreck.